Astorino’s “Legacy”

While Rob Astorino’s budget starves Westchester County’s services, the County Executive is making Big Plans for an ice rink at Kensico Dam, just minutes from his home.

Legislator Catherine Parker says it’s a tough sell in this Fios 1 interview.

She’s not the only one openly concerned about it. Shannon Powell, who has on her list of family responsibilities being a hockey mom, wrote this letter to LoHud/Journal News recently. You can click on the link embedded above or read the letter in its entirety below.

As a hockey mom whose kid plays the sport year round, I spend a lot of time in ice rinks. Rob Astorino’s Kensico Dam ice rink proposal tells us hockey moms what common sense already does — that the rinks can’t make money and would operate at a loss.

There are 50 rinks within an hour’s drive of the Kensico Dam. I have yet to see complexes filled close to capacity during skating hours at any of the rinks in the Northeast that I visit each month. Why invest taxpayer money in outdoor rinks that can only be used seasonally? While playing hockey outdoors holds a certain nostalgic value, ice conditions at outdoor rinks are far from ideal because of weather conditions. If there’s one thing all hockey players and ice skaters value it’s good ice. The administration maintains that outdoor rinks would attract high school hockey teams, yet the $24 million proposal glaringly omits plans to build and maintain locker rooms — you don’t roll up out of your car in hockey gear.

Operating ice rinks is costly. We should be supporting Westchester rinks already in business instead of subsidizing this shortsighted government plan.

I’d like to know what Rob Astorino’s real agenda is here because it’s not serving the taxpayer’s best interest.

Shannon Powell



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