Westchester Citizen

Make no mistake: If you’re part of the #resistance and live in Westchester County, Rob Astorino is on your list to resist.

The Westchester Citizen is one of the new sites offering resources for resistance including this letter to the County Executive.

To: Offices of Rob Astorino Westchester County Executive

Cc: Lohud Journal News, The Examiner News, Patch, The New York Times

Dear Mr. Astorino,

We, the undersigned residents of Westchester County, find your failure to speak up against the abuses and undermining of American democracy by the Republican administration and those leaders in complicit silence to be practically and morally unacceptable.

The current presidential administration has put us in a state of risk perhaps like few other times in American history. This has included dangerous restrictions on freedom of the press, defaming characterization of institutions and people such as the judiciary and the press, failure to engage in democratic procedures such as adequate congressional discussion of health care and immigration reform and the blocking of investigations into grossly suspect communications with a foreign power.

These federal actions and inactions have left us vulnerable and frightened on a local level. Untold immigrant and foreign born friends and families are living in terror or have had their lives upended by new federal policies that have been grossly negligent in bipartisan policy discussion and respectful formulation.

Recent bomb threats to local Jewish community centers should have come as no surprise to you in following an administration that regularly resorts to bullying and tacit support of violence and hate groups. Untold numbers of us live in fear of the safety of our country and county due to the rapid renunciation of constitutional and democratic norms which have been imitated the world over since their original development in ours.

We experience your silence on these issues to be an abandonment of your most basic duties to your citizens. We also believe that your efforts to communicate with your constituents directly regarding these concerns through town halls or the like to be entirely unacceptable.

We demand that you act.


The residents of Westchester County named in the attached sheet.

To add your name to the list of concerned Westchester County citizens, click here. 


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