Saving Our Parks: The Kensico Ice Rink

Remember back in 2011 when Rob Astorino used his media connections to tell constituents that Playland needed “saving”?

He ignored the fact that Playland always paid for itself. That, according to a 2009 County-funded assessment, Playland boosted local businesses. The County Executive told us giving Playland away to a private company would save more taxes. Not surprising for a politician who is Johnnie One-Note when it comes to his talking points. What he didn’t say was Playland costs Westchester County residents less than $6.50 per year per family in taxes.

Sidebar question: Pretend the Publishers Clearing House van arrived at your home with a bouquet of balloons to ask your family of three what you’d do with the savings of .018 pennies a day? How would you celebrate such a windfall?

Now Rob Astorino wants a legacy. He wants to take taxpayer money to build an outdoor ice skating rink at Kensico Dam. Unlike Playland, a very convenient drive from his home.

Similar to the unnecessary drama created about Playland, Rob Astorino has hired more consultants. You can’t have pretty diagrams of a $24 million ice rink without paying for it. Or rather, having Westchester County residents pay for it.

One of Astorino Watch’s readers sent in this list of their perspective of 5 things you need to know about the rink. After you’ve read them, please comment and let us know your thoughts. Because the Kensico Ice Rink brings with it a whole bundle of other questions. We are happy to post your thoughts on Astorino Watch – even anonymously. You can submit via email to .

Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino to spend 24 million dollars on a money losing ice rink complex.

1. Astorino wants to spend $24 million dollars of taxpayer funds to build an outdoor ice rink complex that can only be seasonally used – his “legacy” project.

2. Consultants estimate the rinks would lose nearly half a million dollars a year.

3. Astorino plans to divert over $1.5 million from our public safety budget to pay for the ice rinks.

4. Astorino’s budget is on thin ice. He’s been borrowing over $100 million while cutting jobs and services. Cost to taxpayers: $21million in interest.

5. There are 50 ice rinks within one hour’s drive of Kensico Dam; existing local rinks will see their businesses suffer.


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