Road to Perdition: Westchester’s Budget

The week of March 27th saw two benchmark events in Westchester County:

  1. Rob Astorino held another Ask Astorino event in Port Chester on the 29th.
  2. David McKay Wilson of The Journal News spoke about the budget on the 28th.

Despite his voting in support of the County Executive’s budgets, Legislator Mike Kaplowitz (D, District 4) said this to McKay Wilson: “We are on the road to perdition, my friend.”

As the weeks go by, Astorino Watch will unpack the signposts on that road. We welcome your input. You can see Astorino’s powerpoint in Port Chester HERE.

McKay Wilson’s presentation can be viewed HERE.

It’s a good idea to get the information on Rob Astorino’s County budget before November. The numbers get released in mid-November – after the election for County Executive.



2 thoughts on “Road to Perdition: Westchester’s Budget

  1. Hello, I went to the Port Chester meeting. Most of the audience was not sympathetic to Astorino, except for the first 2-3 rows and some people scattered at the edges and back immediately stood up, clapped loudly, and cheered at all his applause lines. Most of the time, he did not answer the questions (which were hand-picked from cards anyway) but used them as jumping off points to digress on his own agenda. It was very disappointing and people got pretty annoyed, shouting “Answer the question!”


    1. Good you went to the Port Chester event! We were there as well and captured it all on video. It wasn’t just the first few rows that had Astorino supporters, the back of the hall had staffers (the ones in suits) and a few Astorino boosters joining in. You can see one of them call someone in the audience a Nazi at the link.


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