Astorino: P is for Patronizing

Rob Astorino has 3 P’s on his ubiquitous campaign flyer which he and his handlers believe sum up how the County Executive serves Westchester County : Protect taxpayers, Preserve essential services, Promote economic growth. In the interest of honesty, those 3 P’s need to be replaced. We’re starting with Patronizing.

You see and hear Astorino’s patronizing tone everywhere. Whether he’s answering a question that explains back to the one asking the question facts inherent in the question, or showing off his Spanish (which is quite good – credit where credit is due!) in Port Chester but not in any other Ask Astorino event. The instance in Port Chester was fascinating because the woman asking the question – about Trump’s deportation policies – asked Astorino to stop speaking in Spanish. Patronizing.

To really see this patronizing quality in action, one needs to look no further than Rob Astorino’s Mother’s Day message:

A Mother’s Day Message From Westchester County Executive Robert P. Astorino

May 12, 2017

To All Westchester Moms,

This Sunday, we honor our mothers. On behalf of the Westchester family, I extend our thanks and best wishes to all moms on this special day.

In caring for their families, mothers often forget to care for themselves. That’s why I asked our Health Commissioner Sherlita Amler, MD, to share a few simple health tips that mothers can incorporate all year round.

Eat healthy. Mothers frequently tell their families to eat a well-balanced diet. Well, it’s good advice for moms, too. Diets rich in fruits and vegetables, and low in added sugars, saturated fats and sodium may help to reduce the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases.

Stay active. Moving is one of the most important things a mom can do for her health. Regular physical activity can help control weight, reduce the risk of chronic disease and some cancers, as well as strengthen bones and muscles and improve mood. There are many easy ways to add exercise to your day.

Visit your health care provider. If you have not already done so, schedule your annual physical, which may include a check of some important numbers such as blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar, as well as a mammogram and a test for cervical cancer.

From my family to yours, wishing you a wonderful Mother’s Day,

Rob Astorino

For more ways to “Keep Healthy,” go to the Westchester County Department of Health.

First, let’s acknowledge that mothering is a practice open to anyone who nurtures another into growing into their full potential. We have all encountered those who “mother” with compassion and love. There are times when those who help us are not our biological mothers.

But the County Executive is going to need this simplified. You see, he stated on WOR that he has read the 2015 Supreme Court Marriage Equality decision and believes there’s a slippery slope leading us to legally marry robots. Rather than expand the notion of mothering, we’ll replace “mothers” with “parents”.

  • Parents are very aware of the need to eat healthily. You really don’t need to explain it to parents. Here’s the problem: eating for health goes way beyond cutting out the junk food.  We are facing affordability, accessibility, information on GMO’s and so much more. Food justice is a bigger topic than cutting our the sodium. Plus, working and lower-income families are in need of access to affordable healthy meal options.
  • Visiting a health care professional is a problem that needs to be addressed by the County Executive. Affordable health care is at risk. Programs such as medicaid, medicare for our parents who are “goldeners” are on the chopping block because of Donald Trump’s rapacious health care bill. Yet Rob Astorino has not spoken out against his golfing buddy’s policies. He hasn’t even addressed how these policies will affect Westchester. Nor has he supported Medicare for all, a fiscally sound solution that financially hurts the .01 % of the .01% – billionaire profiteer CEOs who work for health insurance companies.
  • What can parents do for themselves or their families when it comes to things out of their control? Like the toxic pipelines – AIM and Atlantic Bridge – carrying fracked gas under the Hudson River and through northern Westchester towns like Peekskill and Yorktown? Westchester’s air quality already gets an F from the American Lung Association, and these pipelines bring with them so much more than potential fires and explosions.

What are your thoughts on Rob Astorino’s Mother’s Day message?



4 thoughts on “Astorino: P is for Patronizing

  1. Rather than tell us what to do, why doesn’t he tell us what he’s doing for us? We don’t need his patronizing advice, we need his actions — policies that are pro-mother, pro-senior, pro-children, pro-environment. Actions speak louder than words, Rob Astorino, and the voters have noticed that you are all talk! We will remember this in November!

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  2. He forgot to include ‘please stay skinny and don’t forget to wear makeup’. The mansplaining in his letter is reminiscent of 1950!

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