Astorino: P is for Patronizing

Rob Astorino has 3 P’s on his ubiquitous campaign flyer which he and his handlers believe sum up how the County Executive serves Westchester County : Protect taxpayers, Preserve essential services, Promote economic growth. In the interest of honesty, those 3 P’s need to be replaced. We’re starting with Patronizing. You see and hear Astorino’s… Continue reading Astorino: P is for Patronizing

#TriedtoAskAstorino Redux: State of the County

On April 20, 2017, Rob Astorino sounded forth on the State of the County. It wasn’t an Ed Koch “How am I doing?” but more of a matter-of-fact “Here’s how I’m doing.” If We the People are going to demand he answer our questions regarding Westchester County, making things a wee bit awkward for the… Continue reading #TriedtoAskAstorino Redux: State of the County

Westchester v. Erie: County Executive Envy

During these times that try people’s souls, Westchester County residents are experiencing County Executive envy. ¬†Particularly when Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz is answering the very question we’ve #TriedtoAskAstorino: How will the Donald Trump budget affect Westchester? This is a fair and reasonable question. Yet Rob Astorino skirts around it at every Ask Astorino… Continue reading Westchester v. Erie: County Executive Envy

Road to Perdition: Westchester’s Budget

The week of March 27th saw two benchmark events in Westchester County: Rob Astorino held another Ask Astorino event in Port Chester on the 29th. David McKay Wilson of The Journal News spoke about the budget on the 28th. Despite his voting in support of the County Executive’s budgets, Legislator Mike Kaplowitz (D, District 4)… Continue reading Road to Perdition: Westchester’s Budget