Astorino’s Fear: Men Marrying Robots

To hear Rob Astorino on WOR radio subbing for Mark Simone, is to glimpse into his world of cynicism, sarcasm, and fear. We hear it throughout his broadcasts. Fear of “activist judges”, liberals “shoving” opinions in his face, and recently his fear of men marrying robots. One wonders, does Astorino espouse these other fears because… Continue reading Astorino’s Fear: Men Marrying Robots

Astorino’s Chief of Staff and the Conspiracy to “Erase America”

WARNING: We’re going on a brief tour of the dark side of the American character, and Astorino’s Chief of Staff, Phil Oliva, is at the wheel.  Links in this post could possibly result in the overwhelming desire to take a shower. The video of Oliva speaking at a meeting in December, 2016 has raised more… Continue reading Astorino’s Chief of Staff and the Conspiracy to “Erase America”

Know Astorino’s Team: Phil Oliva

Do you know about Rob Astorino’s team?  In addition to his work as President of Gipper Communications, Phil Oliva is Chief of Staff for Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino.  An Astorino Watch reader watched Oliva speak in this presentation  and offered us their thoughts.  Read on to get a glimpse of the kind of team member Rob Astorino… Continue reading Know Astorino’s Team: Phil Oliva

Did Astorino Play Dirty Tricks in Westchester?

This week’s Astorino Watch piece is a submission from another vigilant reader. Westchester County residents may want to be equally vigilant when it comes to the 2017 election for County Executive, because back in 2013, Rob Astorino was taken to court over dirty tricks. According to  Dhyalma Vazquez and Federal Court Judge Cathy Seibel, there’s still… Continue reading Did Astorino Play Dirty Tricks in Westchester?

Earth to Astorino

The following post is a submission for Earth Day from one of Astorino Watch’s readers. No Happy Earth Day for Mr. Astorino As communities throughout Westchester gather to honor and protect our planet on Earth Day, April 22, they should pause to consider our County Executive Rob Astorino’s scorecard on the environment. Indian Point Environmental… Continue reading Earth to Astorino

#TriedtoAskAstorino Redux: State of the County

On April 20, 2017, Rob Astorino sounded forth on the State of the County. It wasn’t an Ed Koch “How am I doing?” but more of a matter-of-fact “Here’s how I’m doing.” If We the People are going to demand he answer our questions regarding Westchester County, making things a wee bit awkward for the… Continue reading #TriedtoAskAstorino Redux: State of the County

Westchester v. Erie: County Executive Envy

During these times that try people’s souls, Westchester County residents are experiencing County Executive envy.  Particularly when Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz is answering the very question we’ve #TriedtoAskAstorino: How will the Donald Trump budget affect Westchester? This is a fair and reasonable question. Yet Rob Astorino skirts around it at every Ask Astorino… Continue reading Westchester v. Erie: County Executive Envy