Astorino: Playland is not Your Plaything

In 1928, Playland opened. It was a grand day. There’s a video of the festivities here. Take a few minutes to go back 89 years. It’s worth the watch. Of course a lot has changed in from the early 20th century to the early 21st century, but the core idea, a place where working families… Continue reading Astorino: Playland is not Your Plaything

Mary Jane explains it all

Confused about why Astorino wants to privatize Westchester County airport? ┬áThere are plenty of reasons to be. That’s why we’re grateful for County Legislator Mary Jane Shimsky unpacking the Airport situation in a three-minute video. Get the low-down by clicking on the headline or “continue reading” to get the link to her video. Click here… Continue reading Mary Jane explains it all