Astorino’s Fear: Men Marrying Robots

To hear Rob Astorino on WOR radio subbing for Mark Simone, is to glimpse into his world of cynicism, sarcasm, and fear. We hear it throughout his broadcasts. Fear of “activist judges”, liberals “shoving” opinions in his face, and recently his fear of men marrying robots. One wonders, does Astorino espouse these other fears because… Continue reading Astorino’s Fear: Men Marrying Robots

Astorino, Free Diego

The news of Diego Puma’s arrest by ICE officers has gone national. The story of the prom-night arrest of  a hard-working high school senior weeks before graduation is only one of thousands of similar stories that are tearing families and this nation apart. Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino says simply “This is federal law.” Which… Continue reading Astorino, Free Diego

Astorino: P is for Patronizing

Rob Astorino has 3 P’s on his ubiquitous campaign flyer which he and his handlers believe sum up how the County Executive serves Westchester County : Protect taxpayers, Preserve essential services, Promote economic growth. In the interest of honesty, those 3 P’s need to be replaced. We’re starting with Patronizing. You see and hear Astorino’s… Continue reading Astorino: P is for Patronizing

Did Astorino Play Dirty Tricks in Westchester?

This week’s Astorino Watch piece is a submission from another vigilant reader. Westchester County residents may want to be equally vigilant when it comes to the 2017 election for County Executive, because back in 2013, Rob Astorino was taken to court over dirty tricks. According to  Dhyalma Vazquez and Federal Court Judge Cathy Seibel, there’s still… Continue reading Did Astorino Play Dirty Tricks in Westchester?

#TriedtoAskAstorino Redux: State of the County

On April 20, 2017, Rob Astorino sounded forth on the State of the County. It wasn’t an Ed Koch “How am I doing?” but more of a matter-of-fact “Here’s how I’m doing.” If We the People are going to demand he answer our questions regarding Westchester County, making things a wee bit awkward for the… Continue reading #TriedtoAskAstorino Redux: State of the County

Astorino’s Fatherhood Initiative

Parenting as a verb is coming into its own. As well it should be. People are taking this Frederick Douglass quote to heart these days: It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults. And it’s quite exciting to see sites like The Good Men Project open up the discussion, putting fathering… Continue reading Astorino’s Fatherhood Initiative

Rob Astorino’s nickname: Gastorino

Gastorino is the nickname many concerned homeowners in the paths of Spectra Energy’s deadly pipelines use for Rob Astorino.  Read further and you’ll see exactly why Astorino’s nickname is well-deserved.  On April 2nd, a rally to call attention to the policies of Rob Astorino was held in White Plains. Primarily organized by students at Mamaroneck… Continue reading Rob Astorino’s nickname: Gastorino